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If you’re welcoming a house sitter into your home, a little time upfront will save you in the long run… It’ll make everyone’s experience more enjoyable. Some things are about communication, others are about preparation.

Following our worst house sitting experience, we’ve come up with 23 things every home owner should do to prepare for a house sitter. Many of these items are covered in our Family Friendly House Sitters House Sit Handover Form, which is designed to be completed with the house sitter. There are a few things that you will need to prepare and update prior.

This list should help guide you to ensure that your home is ready for its new guests:

  1. Create a House Sitter Information Pack
  2. List Household Jobs that Need to be Done
  3. List Gardening and Outdoor Jobs that Need to be Done
  4. Plan for Your Pet Care Needs… Both the Expected and Unexpected
  5. Detail Your Car Use and/or Maintenance Expectations
  6. Create a Listing on a non-Facebook House Sitter Website
  7. Confirm Your Insurance Policy Details
  8. Detail Your Home Security Details
  9. List Your Power, Gas, and Water Connection and Supplier Details
  10. Create an Emergency Contact List
  11. Identify What Events or Mail You Want to Be Notified About
  12. Notify Your Neighbours of Your Plans
  13. Confirm Your Itinerary Dates AND Times
  14. Identify the Out-of-Bounds Areas
  15. Make Space for the House Sitter’s Personal Belongings
  16. Store Your Valuables and Breakables
  17. Create an Inventory of Your Non-Secure Valuables
  18. Set Aside the Towels and Bedding that Can be Used
  19. Cancel or Suspend Subscription Services
  20. List Your Internet Details and Passwords
  21. Organise Spare Sets of Keys
  22. Identify the Food and Drinks that Can or Can’t Be Used
  23. Create a Quick Guide to Your Local Area

Using a house sitter really does create a win-win situation. A little time upfront will save you in the long run. It will make everyone’s experience more enjoyable. Be upfront with your expectations. This will increase your chances of entering into this type of relationship with the right house sitting family.

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