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You want confidence that your home is cared for while you’re away. You don’t want to spend your holiday wondering if you’ve left the oven on, or there’s been a leak. If you have pets, you just want to make sure they’re loved. 

A house sitter is the perfect solution… and what better way than with a family…

  • Your pets will be loved and cared for in their own home
  • No hidden surprises with our handover tools
  • Find the perfect match with detailed house sitter profiles
  • Get noticed with detailed listings and photo galleries

Are you heading off on a holiday? If you’re looking for a house sitter, now is the perfect time to join… not only is it FREE for home owners, but to celebrate the launch of our new site:

The first 30 home listings completed will get a FREE Annual House Sitter Membership valued at $59

Not planning on house sitting yourself? No problems, you will get a coupon code you can gift to one of your family or friends!

The first 30 home listings will automatically go into a prize draw for:

1st Prize: $100 BCF Voucher

2nd Prize: A Twin Pack of Caravanning With Kids Travel Journals and Pegless Clothesline (RRP $62.95)

3rd Prize: A Set of Two Caravanning With Kids Bamboo Travel Mugs (RRP $29.90)

So how do I enter?

Just register below. Not only is it FREE, you’re guaranteed to get value with the free house sitter membership… and you may also win a prize!

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FAQ: I don't have kids at home, but my home is family friendly. Can I still join?

Yes, absolutely! If you’re willing to have a family look after your home, we’d love to have you as part of our community.

FAQ: What is the effect on house and contents insurance?

Most conventional household buildings and contents insurance policies place a time limit on how long a property can be left empty in a single period. After this your insurance cover might be restricted, or you might even have an insurance claim refused. This is why house sitters are the perfect solution! Also, house sitters are generally covered as they’re considered as invited guests (however you should check your individual policy for things like accidental breakages and damage). 

FAQ: Why wouldn't I just find a house sitter myself?

One of the biggest complaints we’ve heard about is miscommunication and expectations that weren’t aligned. We take pride in making sure that the profiles on our listings allow both home owners and house sitters to find the perfect match. We provide tools and information to make sure everyone is on the same page, and nothing is left to chance at handovers.

FAQ: Won't kids ruin my house?

That depends on the parents, not the kids! Sure, toddlers love getting into cupboards they shouldn’t… we get it. The profiles help make sure that you’re getting the right family for your level of “baby proofness,” and we provide guides so both parties are prepared. Our handover tools have been designed specifically with families in mind. So even if there’s any mishaps, when you get home everything will be just like you left it.

PS – If it’s something that really worries you, some home owners have been known to request a bond. If this is what it takes to get you to join the community, let us know. Please be upfront about this in your profile and all communications. We also have an agreement template that is available upon request. 

FAQ: Won't it cost more to have a family in my home?

Yes. It will definitely cost more than having your house sit empty. But… the peace of mind is priceless (and its cheaper than paying for a boarding kennel or cattery!). Families may cost a little more in utilities, but over a few weeks this would be negligible. For longer stays, some families come to an arrangement contributing to costs like utilities. We have an agreement template you can use, available upon request.

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